February 09, 2021

The Night Faith Was Born

I watched and I waited.
I prayed with breath abated.
I wondered and yet I knew
This was real, this Faith that grew.

You were tiny and so helpless,
Yet you taught us of His greatness.
Full of life and full of spirit,
You, dear Faith, my darling, my dearest.

Long ago, when you were not,
(for this happiness cannot not be bought)
I wondered how it might feel
to hold you close, your presence so near?

I’m sorry to say, this once was something I feared: 
to be open to new life? This I jeered.
I now look back to the selfish me that I was…
And thank God I was touched by infinite love.

Others tried to explain the joy you would bring
They spoke of eternity, and Jesus the King, 
Accept something and Someone much greater than I?
What is Faith? I want to see with my own eye.

Little did I know then how much I could change
The moment I opened my heart to new life again.
I ran away and closed my eyes tight
But the labor had started, I could no longer fight.

The growing reality I knew to be true.
How could I know this reality was YOU?
The greatest and best choice I could ever make
No more time for doubt or fear—for that it was too late.

Because deep down inside, deep within me there was peace.
The answer was clear, and my prayers would not cease.
Grace poured down, I was no more forlorn,
And I accepted a Savior, that night Faith was born.

I didn’t believe these things could be true
That I would want to come to know you, 
But the truth is, my soul was nearly beaten dead
By the shackles and barriers of temptation and dread.

“I come to make all things new,” You said. 

I pledged my life to a Redeemer Who saved His flock from sin
Who opened the gates of Heaven, so all might enter in,
Who preached a new commandment and of love crucified
Then rose again from the dead, three days after He died.

So here I am, and here I stand, unsure yet unafraid
Refusing to believe in lies, grateful, that there I have not stayed.
I said yes to this life, yes to be transformed,
And it all came to be, the night Faith was born.

After a long dark night, full of doubt and pain
I came to see we were born for a reason: to be born again.
Earth is but a shadow of our eternal home
But what a joyous gift life can be, on these paths we roam. 

It all came to be, from a seed planted in the most hidden of places.
And when I looked close enough, I could not deny their faces.
By grace I was moved, I believed this absolute,
So I went to the Cross, to lay down my forbidden fruit.

For You are real and You are sacred.
You are perfect and You are blessed,
You are holy, You are the Christ,
And for this Truth, I now give my life.

At the end of trial and great tribulation
In spite of the sins of the strongest of nations, 
Faith was born on a night such as this, 
Faith was born, despite Judas’s kiss.

Faith was born, after waiting and labor
Faith was born, after Cain and after Able.
In spite of mockery and rejection and hateful scorn,
I tell you, this blind one could see, on the night Faith was born.

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