The Princess and the Lizard

        The Princess and the Lizard is the story of an unconventional and inquisitive princess. She is a young explorer who prefers outdoor explorations to proper manners and High Tea. In poetry rather than prose, her adventures, determination, and strong spirit come to life. Page by page we learn about her daring discoveries and meet her outdoor friends, most notably a lizard who would prefer to be left alone.
        Underneath the make-believe story of a princess befriending a lizard are themes that encourage a child’s imagination, and embolden the natural curiosity of an innocent soul. In it are combined traditional elements of a medieval kingdom, with the spunk of a 21st century, wild and free, nature-loving girl. This sets the stage for the main character to challenge the norms of what might be expected of her, in order to embrace a life full of excitement and discovery. She is strengthened by the freedom that comes from being allowed to be herself, and with this freedom she gains boldness and bravery, and even a new friend.

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